Even since our family visited England for 6 months in 2010-2011, we have been eager for an extended stay abroad. Last summer I began exploring the possibility of teaching abroad looking at government schools and international schools. After taking some courses to get re-certified, I attended a job fair in Boston in February 2014. This quickly opened up a few job possibilities in Singapore and United Arab Emirates. Rachel and I both accepted positions at ICS, Singapore teaching middle school. This set off a flurry of events which included selling our home (and getting it ready to list) along with reams of paperwork. Everything came together rather quickly, although those who know us best were not really all that surprised.

Rachel will be teaching Geography, Ancient History, and U.S. History. I will be teaching pre-Algebra, Algebra, and Geometry. All three girls will be able to attend tuition free – and this is a real blessing since it’s rare among international schools. The school is an American Christian school ( in Singapore and is part of a network of 19 international schools (

This blog will be our place to journal our adventure for the next two years. We will come home for about 30 days next summer and hope to visit some places in the far east. Possibilities include Australia, New Zealand, Vietnam/Cambodia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, India, Japan, and Thailand.

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