Do you wanna come to PFO?
Come on and come with me!
You will be moving overseas,
Come, pretty please!
Cause you’ll be going away!

You’ll meet some really cool buddies
Wake up to fire alarms
What more could you ever waaaant?

Do you wanna come to PFO?
You’ll have lots of fun at PFO!

(Go away Frances)



So obviously, PFO was no fun. I hated it. Can’t you tell? Haha no, it was amazing! I had a lot more fun than I expected to. The parents, well if Dad was typing this, it would be one paragraph:

We listened to lectures for two weeks. The end.

That isn’t necessarily BAD – they learned a lot about teaching internationally, which is brilliant! But for us? Well, we had an amazing week. We went to the zoo (well, I didn’t, thanks to a lovely migraine which decided to visit me on Tuesday,) the pool, watched movies, went bowling…all in all, it was a wonderful week! There were fifteen other kids, all of which were moving abroad. None to Singapore, but I was able to meet my English and Social Studies teachers (both absolutely fantastic..although I wasn’t able to get out of any homework – oh well.) Lets see..there was one family moving to Ghana, three or four moving to South Korea, and one moving back to Turkey. It was so cool getting to know all of them.

Now, being a teenager, my life basically consists of eating and sleeping, so obviously food is important and if I was deprived of good food for two weeks, I don’t know how I would ever live. So the first night, we arrived. I picked up my plate and began putting food on there. I looked at the sign “Parmesan Chicken” it read. Yummy, I thought. I saw another table – a large salad bar. Now, when I was little, I used to think, “Whyyyy do parents make us EAT leaves??” It was beyond me. Now, though, I actually like those leaves. Leaves are good. So this salad bar was awesome! In the end, the food was amazing the entire week!

So, now that I’ve spent a paragraph talking about food, why don’t I talk for a little while about the actual conference! Well, Mom and Dad would do better at that…THEY were the ones who sat through like five lectures a day. We had a few talks and I really learned a lot about adapting to new cultures and different changes that would occur. I really feel like it helped me in the long run.

Also, I just made great friends! Sadly, there was only one whovian (Doctor Who fan – I most certainly fall into that category.) But I suppose one is better than none. But how am I supposed to fangirl with only my sisters and one other person? Above, I said a teen’s life consists of eating and sleeping – well for me it consists of eating, sleeping, and fangirling. Aaaaanyway, there were great people there. I was the oldest girl and third oldest there, so that was great. I also got to catch up on the latest songs, cause while driving to our “field trips” we broke up into two sections with me, Barrett (16), Corban (13), and Kirstie (21 I think…she was the younger group’s leader…we are besties now.) So, we would always crank up the radio nice and loud and I would awkwardly pretend like I knew the words while all the time mouthing “watermelon watermelon crocodile alligator.” But they were so much fun and I miss everyone already! I certainly developed some awesome friendships that I hope to keep up in the next few years!

Wow. That was actually a pretty long article. I’m surprised at myself. Even though most of it was just ranting on about stuff…haha.