Where there’s life there’s hope.

We are now in Singapore! It was a long journey to get there, but I wrote a little blog on the first flight so I wanted to share it with you.


Right now I am in the plane, on my way to London! We have about 2:45 left to go, and I can not sleep a wink (it is 2:56 am in America and 7:56 am in London). I watched a movie, Catching Fire, then laid down to rest and get (if not sleep)  some shut eye. It is amazing to think that you are thousands of miles high in the sky, just gliding thought the air. It is my first time on a plane in a while and when I did ride in a plane I was 8 years old and flew standby – we flew first class every time! I have said many goodbyes to the people I love. Two of my wonderful friends came to the airport with me and we couldn’t leave each other. I don’t think I have cried so hard before, it is so heart-wrenching to think that you will be separated for 9 months and you will be half way across the world. I like to think of what my Uncle said “Don’t be sad because not many people get to go half way across the world!” and I will stand by those words! Sometimes I like to think of myself as Bilbo Baggins going on a strange adventure to a strange place (which is why Concerning Hobbits is my theme  song for the journey)! I wish there were a way to pack all your friends and family up in my bag and take them over with me, but the down side it that my bag would weigh MUCH more than 51 pounds :). I think the worst goodbye I had to say was to our trusty old dog, Sebastian, I seen him for almost everyday of my life, but now I am torn away from him too, the good thing is that dogs don’t live life like we do, they just live it taking one day at a time. He won’t say “Hey where is my Family, they haven’t been here in a while” he will say “Well I don’t see my family today but- oh look food!” but I am still sad, who wouldn’t be! Today was pretty hectic, because I got my hair cut, we stopped my lots of stores to get last minute things, and then ran through the house a billion times to make sure we didn’t leave anything, we cried a lot too. We were staying at my Grandma and Grandpa’s (on my moms side) house, so we got in a circle and prayed. That about wraps up the plane part and a few other things, so I guess I should try to get some sleep. 


We arrived at and spent a few hours in London! We met up with a very old friend and walked around in Hyde Park just for fun. We all walked around London for about 10 minuets, got some truffles from Harrods (It was the best thing I have every tasted), took the Tube, and arrived back in time for our flight. It was delayed one hour, because the plane hadn’t arrived! The flight from London to Singapore was about a 12 hour flight, so I had no idea what I would do to past the time. It turns out that I slept for about 10 hours on and off, so I only had to watch “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” to finally arrive in Singapore! We were met in the air port by the directer of the school with a few more people to help us. We ordered a maxi cab and split us up in two cars. The first thought I had about the heat was “What have I got myself into!” It was so hot and humid, it is like Georgia weather, but with MUCH more humidity. I think to myself, Bilbo Baggins had to go through some tough challenges to, and if he could do it, I can do it! 


Charlotte  [^.^]